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A Wide Angle Camera So You Don’t Miss The Shot


Actual Customer Footage

Ring Cam: Your Proposal's Keepsake

Ring Box Remastered

Live and Relive your proposal with no photographer needed. Ring Cam’s ring box camera captures their authentic reactions and your affectionate “behind the scenes” efforts for you to relive forever.


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Push only the top button to record, charge and play the video with a port on the side. Leave the rest to us.

Superior Audio

Capture every word. From the beginning of the speech to the all important “yes”

High-Def Footage

Not only is your video in high quality, our wide angle lens will make sure you don’t miss anything.

Make Your Proposal Timeless

Learn how people proposed with Ring Cam.

Alex and Diana's Proposal

I was hiding in this walkway area behind the concert hall where there was a doorway. As she walked down the hallway towards the event location, I surprised her. But as I did, she could already see my friend/photographer hiding in the bushes…

Ice Rink Proposal
Lakeside Proposal
Proposal in the forest
Winter Proposal

You live in the moment

Let us help you relive it.

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