He’s gotten down on his knee and you have said yes, and now it is time for your besties to say yes to you – yes to being your bridesmaids! It’s a special position in your bridal party, so ask them in a special way that meets the occasion.


1. Card

Here is an affordable, but elegant idea for brides on a budget. And even though it’s a simple idea, that doesn’t mean that is any less meaningful. Get it for $4.50 at starboardpress.


2. Engraved Hangers

If she says yes to being your bridesmaid, you’re going to make her wear a dress, and if you make her wear a dress she is going to need a hanger to hang it on, and that is why you give her this functional gift. Get it for $8.50 at WillowGraceBridal.


3. “Will You Be My Bridesmaid?” Box with Stemless Wine Glass

All you need to do with this gift is order it and then give it to your besties, what’s not to love about that? Get the box, note, and personalized stemless glass for $9.99 at EverlyGrayce.


4. Blanket Scarf

Are you planning a fall or winter wedding? Do let your bridesmaids freeze and give them a blanket scarf. At BelleTrendsStudio there are over 40 styles to choose from! So there is bound to be a scarf that fits the colors of your wedding, plus it won’t break the bank at $11.99 a piece.


5. Makeup Bag

A personalized makeup bag is something that can be used again and again, and for $11.50 the CraftingHandsNY has it for you.


6. Jewelry Dish

Give your gal pals the gift of organization with this jewelry dish for $12 at ModParty.


7. Socks

Present these to your friends over a glass of wine during a girls night. They are so cozy and soft that your bridesmaids are going to love wearing them. $14.61 at the MintOrchard.


8. Floral Robe

Not only are these fashionable, but they are also silky soft! These robes come in 17 different colors and they are perfect for everyone, starting with the bride and ending with the flower girl. $14.99 at GentleSateen.


9. Mug

Weddings require a lot of planning, and no doubt you are bound to ask your best friends for their opinion on the venue, flowers, etc., so give them this mug that can be filled with cup after cup of coffee during those intense planning meetings. $14.99 at FreckledFoxMugs.


10. Initial Bar Necklace

This classic necklace can be a part of the jewelry your bridesmaids wear on your big day, and unlike their bridesmaids dress, this necklace can be worn again. $15.46 at PoiseJewellers.


11. Knot Earrings

What a cute way to ask your besties to be there for you on your big day! These earrings come in a silver and rose gold finish. $22 at FoxblossomCo.


12. Monogrammed Tote Bag

Not only will your bridesmaids be able to use this in preparation of your wedding, but they can use it in their every day life as well. $38 at EmmaAndTheBean.


We hope these ideas have helped, and speaking of help, direct your fiance over to our Wingman blog for 12 Groomsmen Gifts Fit For The Bros.

This blog post is by Hannah P.