The guestbook you have at your wedding reception is going to be a great future momento. You’ll definitely want to remember all the friends and family who were there to share your special day with you. Though it may seem like a small element of your wedding, it is something you definitely want to think about. There are so many creative things you can do with your guestbook beyond just the traditional “book.” Here are some creative guestbook ideas to get you started thinking about your own guestbook:

1. Globe or Atlas

This is a perfect idea for a couple who loves to travel! You can have guests sign on the place they are from or you could have them sign on a place they would recommend traveling to!

2. Wine bottles

You can have your guests sign empty wine bottles or you can label unopened bottles for when they will be drank in the future (i.e. first anniversary) for your guests to sign.

3. Polaroid pictures

Set out a polaroid camera with plenty of film for your guests! Have your guests take photos and attach them in a little booklet along with a note!  

4. Postcards

Set out pre-stamped postcards for your guests to write you a message! If you’re someone who loves to receive mail, you could arrange to have someone (your mom, maid of honor, etc.) send you one of the postcards each week! You could also ask guests to send them to you themselves.

5. Make a video

Perfect for the couple who would prefer a digital copy of their guestbook! Leave out an Ipad or other digital device and have your guests record themselves giving you a quick shoutout! Later you can make this into one giant video.

6. Jenga blocks

Set out a set of Jenga blocks for your guests to sign. This will be perfect to whip out on future game nights!

7. A bucket list

This is a perfect way for you and your spouse to start a “married-life bucket list” together! Have each guest add one item to your bucket list and have them drop their suggestion into a bucket!

8. Puzzle pieces

This guestbook will be cool to put together sometime after the wedding! You might even want to think about framing it and putting it somewhere in your house.

9. Message-in-a-bottle

Ask your guests to put their messages for you inside a bottle that you will open sometime in the future (immediately after the wedding, 1 month anniversary, 1 year anniversary, etc.)

10. Bible

Set out a Bible and instruct your guests to highlight their favorite Bible verse and add a short message.

11. Picture frame

Place a large picture frame out for your guests to sign! You can later insert a picture from your wedding and display this “guestbook” somewhere in your home!

12. Time capsules

This guestbook idea is perfect for the couple who wants to keep the memories of their wedding alive year after year! A great way to do this is by having each table number be in charge of that anniversary’s time capsule (i.e. table 5 does anniversary 5). At each table, have those guests fill the bottle or box with their notes, advice, and funny memories.
Your guestbook is a great way to show off some creativity, while also having your guests participate in creating something that will forever help you remember your wedding and the loved ones who were there!  
This blog post was written by Ring Cam blogger, Monika DeWitt