bachelor party

1. Camping Bachelor Party

You’re running a risk with weather here. Spooning with smelly dudes to prevent hypothermia and scraping snow off firewood is not exactly a great bachelor party. Additionally, misery is memorable and maybe you’ll all laugh about it at the wedding, but if camaraderie through frostbite isn’t your idea of celebrating, then proceed with caution. This also depends on the geographic area. If you’re many miles south of the Mason-Dixon line, you’re probably ok, but if it’s late autumn in the Rockies, a camping trip might not be the best thought. Regardless of the risk, a night around the fire toasting marshmallows and drinking beer is a great way to escape the hustle and bustle of planning a wedding and maybe that’s what he needs.

2. Golf

The biggest draw of this bachelor party idea is good ol’ fashioned competition. You love your guys, but you also want to dominate them. Here’s a non-physically exhaustive way to do that. It can also be an impromptu roast of the other attendees, which is always a hoot. Who doesn’t want to rib on their buddy Jeff for his abysmal stroke? Conversely, who doesn’t want to see Kevin brag about his short game and then crash and burn like the Hindenburg? If your stroke is off, have a few drinks at the course bar to loosen up halfway through and hit the back 9. It can’t hurt. Well, it might, but then you have an excuse at least.

3. Hunting

This is the most primal option on this list and that’s a good thing. The groom’s about to go from an untamed wolf to a well-behaved puppy dog. That’s not to knock marriage; it’s just par for the course. So if he’s about to domesticated, let him hunt at the bachelor party. The thrill of the chase and the manly pride of shooting will be good for him.

Side note: NOTHING STUPID WITH ALCOHOL AND/OR GUNS. You don’t want the bride hating you for the rest of her days because you pulled a Dick Cheney and put a few buckshot BBs in her groom’s face two weeks before the big day. It’ll make a great scar for the wedding, but that’s not a good thing. You don’t want your terrible discretion and even worse aim upstaging her on her big day. Seriously, be safe out there, you savages.

bachelor party

4. Play Poker

This could be as simple as a cigar and low-stakes night at a friend’s house or as extravagant as a trip to a casino. Furthermore, it’s also an interactive bachelor party for the guests. However, just be sure to agree upon a reasonable monetary value for bets. Nothing is worse than trying to play penny poker with your high-rolling friend who thinks he’s in Ocean’s 11 or The Gambler. This guy is probably the dude who is still upset that there aren’t strippers. He also definitely saved money for that very reason and he’s consequentially compensating by dropping those Ulysses S. Grants on poker instead of tips. Figure out what the buy in is before Eric reminds you that he makes more money than you.

bachelor party

5. Taste Whiskey

There are plenty of venues you could go to. Have the time for a weekend trip? Hit the Bourbon Trail in Kentucky. Only have a night? Hit up your local micro-distillery. It also doesn’t have to be whiskey if you know an awesome tequileria or gin-bar. Salud/cheers, mate!

However, as with any of these ideas, tailor the itinerary to the groom’s wants. If you’ve never seen him drink anything harder than a pina colada, a night sampling a 20-year single-malt scotch is just a waste of time. You might be picking up notes of caramel and vanilla on the nose with a robust finish, but he’s tasting brown rubbing alcohol that cost more than his iPhone. Rather than just wasting his money, do what he wants to do and remember that you’ll get your own bachelor party.

6. Ski

I don’t like this option as much as others on this list. Skiing isn’t easy and I know many people who have never made it off the bunny hill. (Ok, me. I never make it off the bunny hill.) But if everyone knows how, it would certainly be a fun one.

7. Rent a Beach House
It’s surprisingly cheap if you get enough guys. A trip to the coast also allows for a combination of a couple of things on this list. You can taste whiskey on the deck while playing poker and then go golfing the next day. This would be my pick for the indecisive best man. It’s also a good bet to appease everyone, as you all want to have a good time and this allows everyone the opportunity to do something they love.

8. Video Game Day

The fiancee says no strippers at the bachelor party? This is the complete opposite of having strippers. Shoot, you don’t have to worry about girls at this event and it’s also the cheapest option on this list.

9. Play Paintball

This is a good option for the relatively athletic entourage. You know, the guys who want to do something more than consume life-threatening quantities of hard liquor and steak, but don’t love being miserable as much as camping enthusiasts. Run around, get some exercise, and light up your friends like Christmas trees. Chances are everyone in your crew has seen Black Hawk Down a few too many times anyway. It’s the best part of hunting without the risk of an accident. Hunt the most dangerous game instead: man. Go nuts.

10. Go to a Game

The sport is irrelevant. Whether baseball, hockey, or football, organized sports are a classic form of male bonding. Shoot, chances are that everyone in your entourage has merchandise for the hometown hero and you already have the uniform to rock at the stadium.

11. Rent Dirt Bikes

Because who didn’t love the Fast and Furious movies?

12. Feast on Steaks

Two words: Brazilian steakhouse. Thank me later.

bachelor party

13. Go White Water Rafting

As with everything else on this list, safety is priority number one. Still, the risk of death when shooting those rapids is certainly exhilarating and will make for a memorable day.