1. Transportation Home

      The wedding day is a big (and long) day for your wedding party. Be sure to provide your wedding party with transportation back to their hotel after the reception. This way you know they will all get back safely and you do not have to think about it while you are enjoying the rest of the night with your new husband! This can easily be done through a Taxi or Uber service.

      If you would rather not pay for a service, reach out to your family or extended family ahead of time and see if they are able to help. Also, reach out to your hotel, if you have a certain amount of rooms blocked, they may be able to offer free transportation to your venue!

2. Dress Alterations

      Buying a bridesmaid’s dress can be a lot. If you are asking your wedding party to pay for it themselves, it can help a lot if you cover the cost of alterations. This way you can make sure all their dresses fit perfectly and will look amazing in the wedding day pictures.

      If you are nervous about how much this may end up costing, let your bridesmaids pick the type of dress they are most comfortable fitting in and paying for (after your approval).  That way they can feel like they can use it again and more importantly, they can pick out how much to spend.

3. Bridesmaid Accessories

      If you want your wedding party to wear any sort of accessories (necklaces, matching bracelets or even a decorative belt) you should pick up the costs on this. It will make for a great, long-lasting thank you gift.

4. Hair and Makeup

      If this fits into your budget it is a great gift to cover the costs of hair and makeup for your bridal party. If you cannot manage to cover both fees maybe just choose one of the two to pick up the tab for. It will mean a lot to your bridesmaids.

5. A Mani/Pedi

      There’s no better way to relax before the wedding with a Mani/Pedi with all your best friends. Treat your bridesmaids to a spa day while also getting ready for the wedding! This way you can ensure everyone has matching polish before the big day.

This post was written by Ring Cam blogger, Bailey Berberich