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You planned a kick-ass proposal and used your Ring Cam to flawlessly capture that one-in-a-million moment. After a whirlwind announcement period, you sat down to plan the wedding with your beloved. At some point, you found the time to select and ask the gentlemen who will be your groomsmen. (Pay attention to that, it’ll be important later on, hint hint.) Then came the hustle and bustle of planning that goshdarned wedding. Countless hours of tasting cake, making a guest list, crafting a menu, and doing your best to keep your fiance from going off the deep end. You also can’t forget to plan the honeymoon and Lord knows your significant other is too busy with the wedding to do that. Of course, you’ll have the bachelor party too. Throughout all of this madness, how are you supposed to remember to appreciate your groomsmen? Well, you should find the time to do so. We know it’s short of impossible, but these guys are supporting you throughout one of the most transformative periods of your life. Hence, we’re rolling out 5 easy gifts for your groomsmen. These are cheap, easy, and effective tokens of your appreciation.
1. Whiskey This is a great ‘manly’ gift.’ Of course, this could be a swing-and-a-miss if your group doesn’t like whiskey. Take care to not break the bank here. 4 or 5 bottles of whiskey can exceed $150 pretty easily and that’s if you’re buying mid-tier stuff. A few fifths of top-shelf scotch or bourbon could be double that. 2. Cigars Whiskey’s cheaper brother. You can get a good cigar for $10 and an excellent one for $30. Have you ever had a $10 whiskey? It may as well be poison.
3. A fun event Think of this as the companion to the bachelor party. They threw you a party to celebrate your rapidly waning bachelorhood; reciprocate and throw them a fun bonding event. A trip to a shooting range or the local minor-league sports team are both affordable and enjoyable. 4. Cuff links, ties, suspenders, etc. This is a dealer’s choice option. All of these trinkets are elegant and formal, which means they’re excellent gifts to a wedding party.
5. Personalized knives Cuff links seem too finnicky for you? A little too prim-and-proper? Here’s the antithesis of that. There’s something to be said for the gentlemanly decorum of formal wear, but maybe your groomsmen are a little more rough-and-tumble. There’s nothing wrong with embracing the uncouth and rugged nature of your wedding party. Conclusion Your guys have supported you through thick and thin. From sorority date nights to poorly-fated camping trips, from happy hours to terrible times in your life, these men have been your literal Wingmen. Reciprocate the support they’ve given you. They’ve earned a token of your appreciation.