Planning a wedding may seem hard and overwhelming, especially when you first get engaged. But don’t worry, here are 6 steps to help you get started!

1. Set a Budget

 Deciding on a wedding budget isn’t an easy conversation to have, but it is necessary! You should probably have two separate conversations with your fiancé as well as your parents to decide on a final budget. Check out my article on defining a budget to help you get started:

2. Choose 2-3 Possible Dates

When you’re still looking around at possible venues and deciding on exactly how big you want your wedding to be, you need to have a few possible dates chosen. Having multiple dates will give you more options when looking at venues, and will make the beginning of your planning go much more smoothly.

3. Start your Guest List

We all have those people that, without them, your wedding wouldn’t be complete. Start creating your guest  list early. This simple step will help you and your fiancé decide roughly how big you would like your group to be. This also makes choosing a venue much easier.

4. Decide on your Wedding Theme

Now you may be asking yourself, what even is a wedding theme? This is something that not all weddings have. It’s not that a wedding is simply stylish, rather it’s something that describes a wedding’s look and feel. Deciding on a wedding theme can help you decide on other parts of the event such as décor, venue, colors, type of reception, etc. Often, a wedding theme is an adjective, for example: elegant, beachy, modern, rustic. If you want to have a specific theme for your wedding, you should think about what you are drawn to. What type of vibe you want at your wedding? Do you and your fiancé have anything specific that defines your relationship? This could be a hobby, career, love of travel, etc. Thinking about those things will help you find a wedding style that really fits for your big day.

5. Decide on your Venue

Once you get a venue locked in, the real planning can begin! You should start looking for venues early so you can get the date you want and start deciding on smaller details like wedding colors and catering.

6. Do your Research!

With endless possibilities, it is good to know what you are getting yourself into, including all of the various details for your big day. Start considering different vendors and thinking about the kind of menu you would like at dinner! Start researching wedding dresses and bridesmaids dresses! If you’re an indecisive person, like myself, you want to give yourself lots of time to make these big decisions.