With the list of responsibilities for a bride growing with every demand, there are some little things that often fall by the wayside when all is said and done. If you’d rather look back on your day with pride instead of remorse, check out this list of often forgotten tips and tricks to remember on your big day!

1.  If you send a save the date, you must send an invitation

If you are hesitant on inviting someone, then don’t send them a save the date. Once you send someone a save the date, it’s customary to send them a formal invitation as well. Also, even if you know someone that you wanted to invite cannot come, you should still send them a save the date so they feel included and know you thought of them.

2.  Be clear about guests plus one(s)

If you know the name of a guest’s plus one, you should include it on the invitation so they truly feel invited and included. A good example of this would be the invitee’s spouse or Fiancé. Otherwise if you are allowing guests to bring a plus one then you should include “and guest” on the invite.

3. Be conscientious of your bridesmaids’ budgets

Weddings are expensive for everyone. It’s important to be open about costs and expectations for your wedding party. Choose bridesmaids dresses that are within everyone’s budget and, if you can, even offer to cover some of the extra costs. At the end of the day, remember you still want to be a good friend.

4. Buy a dress you can actually sit in

Before you make your wedding dress any smaller, make sure you can sit down in it! You’re going to want to sit for dinner, speeches, and more,  and the last thing you want to do is accidentally rip your dress halfway through the big day.

5. Send thank you cards

This should be a given, but it is easy to get carried away and busy after your wedding. Make sure to send everyone who gave you a gift a thank you! This shows that you really care and are grateful for the time and money they spent on you. They’ll really appreciate it. One way to make this easier is to have a station set up at your reception with envelopes where guests can write their name and address on them. This way they are all already done and all you’ll have to do is write the thank you card!

6. Make the day about the people you love

It’s all good if your parents want to invite some of their close friends to the wedding – especially if they are the ones helping you pay the bill. But the days of having tons of unfamiliar faces at your wedding are over. Make sure to invite people you truly love and care about.

7. Don’t try new makeup or skin products two weeks before the wedding

Obviously, you want your face to look gorgeous on your wedding day, it may be the most photographed day of your life. Do NOT try any new face cream or foundation too close to the wedding because there’s no way to know how your skin will react and the last thing you want is to break out all over right before the big day.

8. Remember to eat

Weddings get busy, especially for the bride and groom, but make sure to take some time to get food in your body. You do not want to feel fatigued and tired from lack of eating. Also, it’s good to ask your caterers to pack you up a to go box so you’ll have some leftovers to really enjoy once the wedding is over!