Our Story

How We Met
We have a mutual friend, Chelsea. I met Chelsea my freshman year at Grand Valley (we lived in the same building). Tab and Chelsea have been friends since childhood. One night I was hanging out with Chelsea and her roommate (Tab) came home from work. The rest is history.

How He Asked
I proposed at the zoo. The zoo is a very special place for us. We go there on dates frequently and I remember how special the first zoo date was. Specifically, I remember being at the “Hop” sign. It’s a red octagon stop sign that says “Hop,” just outside of the amphibian building. When we got to the sign, I really wanted to hop, but I was afraid she would think it was silly or childish. Without saying a word, she went and hopped! I knew that things would be different with her. Fast forward about a year and a half, I proposed at the zoo right at the “Hop” sign for that very reason. I actually proposed on Father’s Day. I wanted to go to the zoo for Father’s Day and she was so focused on me having a good day that she was completely surprised by the proposal. After the zoo we went out for engagement ice cream, then over to her parents to celebrate.

I like that I didn’t need to have a photographer there to capture the moment. And even more, the video is from my own perspective