How He Asked

She a photography fanatic and has followed “The Ulmers” (Amber and Josh) work for years and booked a “fall mini session.” Amber and I went to high school together and I grew up with her brother. I reached out to her direct and she was more than happy to help.

Day of the shoot Meaghan was more than excited. As my good friend Drizzy Drake would say she got her “Hair done, nails done, everything did” to ensure the pictures turned out perfect.

Meanwhile I scramble around with my errands trying to fend off the nervousness. Beard trim: Check, Ring Cam box hidden on site: Check, Family meet spot and time determined: Check. I meet her at the Salon so we can ride over together (also to make sure she doesn’t see the surprise engagement party already set up at my house) and we are off.

The session is twenty minutes as we work our way over to the concealed box. I see Josh motion to Amber who motions to our Family (Her parents, My parents, and My grandmother)that it’s happening. I pop down and the rest is captured thanks to the convenience of Ring Cam and the wonderful work of “The Ulmers.”