Alexander Makarov and Calais Johnson’s Proposal

How They Met
She didn’t see it coming. Twas great. Alexander

How He Asked

I took her to Maggiano’s for dinner. She thought I was taking her to go to our anniversary dinner. Alas, I was not. In fact, the whole ride she was poking fun at me and saying how tonight would be a great night to get engaged. The whole staff was in on it. I had a friend with a camera that she’s never met sitting next to us. When I began talking, she wanted me to wrap it up because the food was getting cold. As I continued, she was still oblivious. And then I got on one knee. Which confused her. Mainly because I had no reason to tie my boots as they had no laces. Then it all clicked into place and she realized the past two weeks of her parents hinting at it and me being coy about the dinner all made sense now.