“(Before getting engaged) Megan and I had known each other for about three to four years. Two of the years we had dated. I had always known she wanted to get married. We had talked about it and I had bought her a little promise ring that was missing two diamonds. She was expecting to get Proposed to at the end of 2015 around September. Together our Families had decided to take a Florida vacation together in May 9, 2015 . I thought this was the perfect opportunity. The night before, on a walk on the beach, Sunday, May 10, she was talking about some Pandora ring. Megan wanted it because her Promise ring was broken. I was thrilled to know the next day she had no idea. She wasn’t getting a Pandora ring. On May 11, 2015 I set up a tent and some awesome signs that had things to do with our relationship. Such as dates and things that have been said through our relationship. We had to get her away from the condo, so we could set up everything for the proposal. So her parents took her and and family out to eat while my family set up the tent and other small things such as signs and pictures inside the tent. Once she came back , I knew she wouldn’t want to come to the beach so I had to say anything to get her to come. Her Sister Finally got her to come and she thought a wedding was happening. Her exact words were. “Oh Cute a wedding” She walked down and followed the signs that led straight to me. As people on the balcony watched and screamed and cheered me and her on. I asked her the question! One of the best days of my life. You can watch the ring camera video and hopefully the full video that we made of proposal on here. I showed her the camera when I was done and she was like what ? No way ! She was Pumped that we got it on video and could hear what I was saying and that we could hear everything!” Andy and Megan

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