Elliot Lee and Nancy Hwangs Proposal

I concocted a cover story that we were going out on a double date with my roommate and his girlfriend. When we arrived early, I casually suggested that we go for a walk around Sutro Heights Park. I brought her up to the parapet, where we enjoyed the ocean view.

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Kristin Thomas And Jaren Shipp’s Proposal

GET A FREE RINGCAM AT THACKER THACKER PROPOSALS NEED PROPOSAL ADVICE? • A Checklist of What Not to Do When Proposing • 5 Questions You Must Ask Your Jeweler! • Her Dad Said No Now What? [et_social_share] How he Asked He proposed at Jaren’s mom’s 60th birthday party! He was thanking everyone and asked me to come up and get thanked, and he proposed! Get a Free Ring Cam at Thacker Jewelry! How much ring can you afford? Your Promotion Text Goes Here! Your Promotion Text Goes Here! RING CAM PROPOSALS Brian Obien and Jacklyn DelMundo’s Proposal We spent the rest of this unforgettable night with our dearest friends and family celebrating the start of this wonderful journey together. Jon Stanyon and Angela Dutcher’s Proposal ... Nicholas Bruno and Taylor Wilkesmore’s Proposal How He Asked We got engaged at the Eternal Flame Falls in Orchard Park, NY. Tay and I had talked... HyeJin Hwang and Matthew Klein’s Proposal How He... Matthew Weekley and Chelsea Turner’s Proposal I took her to the spot where I first told her I loved her. I setup a Lady and the Tramp scene (our favorite movie) and asked her at...

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