F.U.B.A.R. Proposals

We’re not saying she’s going to say no, in fact if she’s as incredible as you think she is, most of these things won’t give you too many problems (most). Here’s some tips of what to stay away from: Not Being Thoughtful Timing is everything, and I didn’t want to make a total separate section, but here are a few no-no’s. • Not on Her Birthday • Not right before her medical school board exam ( although I’ve heard mixed reviews) • Not on a holiday that takes away from the big day • If she doesn’t like being...

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The Perfect Proposal

We’ve seen a ton of proposals, heres our five most important tips to capture your proposal with a Ring Cam and get a kick-ass video. Practice Before you Propose While Ring Cam is easy to use, it is very important to practice ahead of time. You wouldn’t want to record the sky, right? Using whatever you have a available, whether it be: your mom, your dog, or a mop, you can never be too careful! We recommend to do both a video and audio check and if you have a speech planned record that as well!   Make Sure...

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Become a Wingman Today

Join the Force. Be a Wingman.   Tell your friends about Ring Cam and Earn Rewards   Moms. Dads. Photographers. Jewelers. Best friends. If you want to help others have an awesome proposal, then we’ll take you. Take our little quiz so we know you know your stuff and fill out your contact information. Then you’ll be officially a part of the ranks! You will receive an email with your personalized coupon codes as well as a supply drop to get you a few things to help you to be the best wingman possible. Join Today First Name *...

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Introducing Supply Drops

We have really appreciated all of you passing on the word about us to friends and family. It has truly made a difference, and we feel so encouraged. You have reached out to us to let us know how else you can help, and we have decided we really want to give back to you. We want to supply you with material to help you be the best Wingman to those around you as well as send you a little something to thank you for supporting us. For each person you “recruit” or give your personalized coupon code, we...

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Picking Your Uniform

Here’s the deal, we all want to look good at our weddings, the problem is that since there are so many times of jackets and tux looks, it’s hard to know when to wear certain jackets, and what’s considered too formal for the time of day. The wingmen got the breakdown for you below. Please note, we’re not going to have a trouser section for this blog, your trouser color should match your jacket color, with that out of the way, let’s go! Key: tuxedoblogsymbolsun Daytime, tuxedoblogsymbolnight Nightime, tuxedoblogsymbolbowtie formal, tuxedoblogsymbolsunglasses informal Jackets Tuxedo, a.k.a. “The Tux” tuxedoblogsymbolsun tuxedoblogsymbolnight...

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