This is a handy dandy cheat sheet for all of the best men out there who don’t know how to plan a bachelor party. This little compendium of questions will hopefully entertain you while simultaneously offering some real concrete ideas. Of course, think about the groom’s needs while going through this checklist.

 Does the groom drink?

A. Yes. Go to 1. 

B. No. go to 2.

C. A bit. Go to 3.

1. Does he like strip clubs?

A. He’s on a first name basis with the girls at the local one (His fiancee is also totally okay with it.) Go to 2.

B. He gets uncomfortable when Victoria’s Secret commercials come on. So no. Go to 4.

2.What are his finances like?

A. Greece 2009. An economic disaster. Go to 8.

B. So so. Go to 4.

C. We’ll pay the costs regardless. Go to 4.

3. What are his hobbies?

A. Time in nature is a spiritual experience for him. Go to 5.

B. Anything active with the guys. Go to 6.

C. Something lowkey. He’s a homebody. Go to 7.

4. What are you and the boys’ finances like?

A. We’re all better-dressed peasants. Go to 3.

B. A whole range of situations. Go to 3.

C. Our lives are rap videos. We make it rain. Go to 10.

  1. A weekend camping in a national park fits the bill. Banff, Glacier, Zion, and Yellowstone are all worth checking out. Go in the summer though. Spooning with your college roomate for warmth during the bite of a Rocky Mountain winter night is overrated. Or so a friend told me.


  1. Paintball, laser tag, or something in that vein.


  1. Think renting a beach house or hosting a video game tournament. 


  1. Find a good local distillery, bar or club.


  1. Regional party hub. Think New Orleans, Atlantic City, etc. Air BNB is a good way to to cut costs. You also don’t need me to tell you this, but pregaming is your friend. That’ll help the less well-off guys in your group keep costs low. Also, avoid flights if you can and carpool to save money.


  1. Search your feelings, you know it to be true. Vegas it is. Go nuts. Side note: Watch The Hangover before you go and don’t buy anything from strangers hanging out by the liquor store.