Our Story

How We Met
We met in Algebra I, room 525, at James Logan High School back when she was 13 and I was 15 years old. She was a freshman and I was a sophomore. We ended up having mutual friends which forced us to run in the same circle. We hung out together, grabbed lunch together, went on class trips together, cut class together (sorry mom), and eventually became really good friends throughout high school. I knew I fell for her when I realized she was a great and caring friend. So my senior year / her junior year of high school, I decided to tell her how I felt and asked her to be my girlfriend. She declined my offer, of course. So, I gave her space and time, which gave me time to plot how I was going to convince her to be my lady. A few months later, we clicked and she came around to the idea of “US” after we came home from a class trip to Europe. The rest is history!

How He Asked
We were on vacation at Punta Cana, Dominican Republic and just had the best day with our good friends (Kay and Julz) driving dune buggies, exploring caves, and swimming in the Atlantic Ocean at the famous Macao Beach! On the way back to the resort, Alana (still excited after a great day) asked her best friend Kay to map out the rest of the night. Kay told her, “Me and Julz were thinking of just having dinner, just the two of us.” I can clearly see that Alana was bummed that our friends didn’t want to complete the “fun day” together. She disappointingly said, “ok”, not knowing that our friends were in on the plan, and the “private time” was meant for us. We got ready for dinner, and I took her across the resort where they shut off beach access half an hour earlier. I had made a reservation for a private dinner on the beach, little did I know it would be THAT private. A table for two was set up under a gazebo, overlooking the empty beach and the Atlantic Ocean. A waiter was awaiting our arrival and catered to our every need. It was perfect. We had dinner and conversation through the sunset and after dessert, I knew it was time. I pulled her aside, flagged down our friends (on standby) who hid behind bushes with their cameras rolling, waiting for my cue, got down on one knee and asked my best friend of 11 years to marry me. The rest of our story is yet to be written!

What we loved about the Ring Cam was that it captured such a rare perspective in a very special moment of our lives. Ring Cam is a unique idea and it gives the newly engaged a keepsake of a great memory.