How He Asked

On one of our very first dates I planned on getting a horse and carriage to take us for a spin around the city. As we were approaching the carriage, Sammie started telling me about how much of a waste of money carriage rides were and that she didn’t think they were that much fun. So I quickly decided to hot route my plans and we just walked around the city for a bit instead. Shortly after that date, Sammie asked to go on a carriage ride. I reminded her that she thought they were a waste of money and told her that I had originally planned on getting one a few months prior but she said she did not like them. This became a running joke and I always brought this up every time we passed a carriage. On the night of our engagement, I had a carriage pick us up at our apartment. The carriage took us to the fountain where we started dating. Our parents had arrived about an hour before had and set up bags that spelled “Marry Me?” along the side of the fountain and lined the walk way and base of the fountain with candles. As we got out of the carriage and started walking towards the fountain, a photographer and violinist followed us taking our picture and playing one of our favorite songs. Our parents were on the other side of the street watching it all happen, but Sammie was not aware at the time. After I popped the question and we had a few minutes to ourselves, our parents surprised Sammie and greeted us. After the photographer snapped a few pictures, we got back in the carriage and returned to our apartment. When we returned to our apartment, a long hall way was filled with balloons that had pictures of Sammie and I all the way from college to the weekend before attached to their strings. As we walked through the balloons we were then greeted by our closest friends and family members who came to the surprise engagement party I had thrown.