How He Asked

Our best friends were getting married, and literally the first day they began to plan the wedding they asked if I wanted to propose to Kelly and when I wanted to do it. They offered to let me do it at their wedding, so I felt I could not pass up such an honor.

Kelly and I have a song that we always sing together, “Broken” by Seether (ft. Amy Lee). I told her that one day, when she heard this song, I would promise my heart to her forever. So naturally, I would play it all of the time and stared at her; it was priceless. To taunt her even more, I hid the ring in a room that I needed to clean but was too lazy to do it myself. I would tell her that the ring was in the room, but she never went for it. I tried…

Our friends’ wedding day arrived, and I was terrified. I kept a calm composure on the outside, but inside it was like a reenactment of Five Mile Island. To add to what I was feeling, as the bride reached the top of the stairs, all I could picture was Kelly in white; I began to tear up.

After the wedding ceremony, we took pictures with the bridal party. Kelly wanted a special picture with me to have as a keepsake, but had no clue that she would be one of the main events in the reception with many photos to follow.

The reception began. The guys and I snuck in a bottle of Johnny Walker Gold Reserve (liquid courage). We had a drink right before the big moment, the bouquet toss. This is where it was all going to happen. Two people who hated each other so much in the beginning fell in love, and now I was taking the leap towards sealing our fates together.

D-Day 2016: the DJ called all of the girls up for the bouquet toss, and I could feel it. The reactor core on the U.S.S Enterprise was overloading, I could hear Mr. Scotty in the background yelling, “I just can’t do it Captain. I’m given her all she’s got!” Then, it happened, I saw my crew assemble behind me; my second-in-command, and the rest of my men aboard the Bridge.

It was time.

I stepped up to the dance floor off to the side with my crew behind, and I could see the bridesmaids surrounding Kelly.

But WAIT!…..Women from all over the party assembled between me and my objective. My field of vision was blocked; I couldn’t see anything. The DJ counted down, 3, 2…

I felt a sudden thrust behind me as my second-in-command pushed me through the crowd, got me lined up directly behind Kelly, and landing me on one knee.

Our song began to play, and the bride handed Kelly the bouquet and turned her around to reveal me….

Ring Cam made it very easy and efficient to capture the perfect moment, to cherish forever. -Brandon

Kelly’s Side Of Story
Our best friends were getting married. It was so exciting. Brandon (my boyfriend of 2 1/2 years), was the best man, and I was a bridesmaid. He literally had everyone in on this little secret for months, except me, of course! They had everything all planned out, and I heard that the bride and groom were more nervous for my now soon-to-be husband, rather than how their own wedding day was going to go.

Throughout the day everyone was very calm and seemed normal, I was an emotional wreck already (I love weddings!), and being that it was two very good friends of ours, I was very happy for them.

The day was passing by quickly, until the reception began, and everything began to slow down and become more relaxing and enjoyable. I was sitting at the bridemaid’s table watching everyone have a great time dancing, while talking to two of the other bridesmaids, when the DJ suddenly calls all of the ladies up for the bouquet toss. One of the bridesmaids grabs my arm and practically drags me to the dancefloor. I jump in the middle and start dancing to the song he had playing, which just happened to be “Single Ladies,” while everyone got ready. The bride gets in position and looks back. Then the DJ starts counting in assistance, “1…..2…….3…”

The next thing I know I see the bride turn around and HAND me the bouquet, which now I am BEYOND confused. Then as she grabs my shoulders to turn me around, I hear ‘Broken” by Seether (featuring Amy Lee of Evanescence) kick on – which happens to be our song….

As I finish turning around, I see Brandon (who looks terrified while attempting a smile) down on one knee…. the tears were instant.

….and the rest is history, because I SAID YES!!!!!