It was a very special way to capture the moment.  To relive the sights and sounds of that special day with the uncut and cut version.  Absolutely beautiful!! Thank you to Ring Cam for making this moment a moment we can always cherish and share with our friends and family. Brian

How they met Well, Melinda and I met on vacation back in March of 2014.  From the beginning we knew there was a special connection between us.  We have talked everyday since then.  It was something that most people hope for or see in movies. It was something so special we just knew.  We kept in touch through emails, Face TIme and Skype due me living in Texas and Melinda being from and living in Australia.  Australia has always been on my list of places to go and was it coincidence that my future bride was from Australia.  In June 2014 I went to Australia for the 1st time to spend several weeks with Melinda.  Our time together was phenomenal.
How He Asked In October 2014 Melinda came to Texas for her 1st time and had spent several weeks in Texas with me.  Little did Melinda know that we were going to Playa Del Carmen, Mexico for a week or so.  I thought it would be a fun surprise, plus it is a lot shorter flight compared to the 17 hours between Australia and Texas.  I already had planned to propose to Melinda, but I did not have a clue what I wanted to do because I wanted it to be perfect.  She did not have a clue, which was also perfect.  She thought we were just going to Mexico.  Ring Cam was able to meet my order date based on our flight to Mexico.  I still had no idea what I was going to do and had a million ideas running through my head.  It had to be unique and the start of being unique was having a RIng Cam.  Boom!!  After arriving in Mexico I happened to run into a photographer, who worked for a company that contracted through the resort.  His name was Victor.  We talked about some ideas and we came up with some good ideas.  Through our conversation I could tell he had a good imagination and a good eye.  The day I wanted to propose Victor said he was not working, but would be able to put me in contact with another photographer.  I told Victor I did not want another photographer and told him I would pay for his time on his day off so I could make this beautiful moment happen.  Victor was able to get it confirmed through his supervisor and it was on.  The day of the proposal it was planned that we would be heading toward the pool area and run into Victor.  During that time he would offer us a photography deal that we did not have to pay for if we did not like the pictures.  After walking down tot he beach on that beautiful Saturdayafternoon, Victor told Melinda that he wanted to blindfold her with a very detailed story about it being a Mexican Tradition for a girls first time to PLaya Del Carmen.  So being a team player she allowed us to blindfold her while Victor continued with his story telling.  During this time I had to get my RIng Cam ready.  Little did I know numerous people on the beach caught on to what I was doing and a crowd stated developing, which made even more intense.  When Melinda was asked to remove her blindfold I was down on one knee in front of her on the sand and partially in the water.  I told her my feeling toward her and that after 37years I finally found my Princess.  I proposed and she said YES!!  When she said yes the crowd of people that were watching began to clap and cheer for us.  It worked out beautifully and I couldn’t of asked for anything better.  Thank you to Ring Cam for making this moment a moment we can always cherish and share with our friends and family.