How He Asked

After much deliberation, I finally decided how I was going to ask my girlfriend of three years, Jacklyn, the most important question of our lives. Working with her cousin, we planned a surprise birthday party; but unbeknownst to the majority of the guests, there would be another big surprise! Unfortunately, the day before my proposal, I suddenly became very ill. Immediately upon my arrival to the emergency room that night, the doctor recommended that I be admitted for observation. I fervently told him that I would not allow myself to be admitted because of my important plans the following day. At 5:00 am the morning of the planned proposal, I felt well enough to leave the hospital but definitely not fully recovered. I went home to take a short nap before preparing for the big event. I spent the entire afternoon with Jacklyn, keeping her busy while a handful of friends and family were setting up the venue, all the while hiding my illness and my trip to the ER. Under the guise of a cel ebratory dinner for her father (whose birthday was that day), we walked into the venue and Jacklyn was shocked to see everyone she loved shouting “Surprise!” As she went around to greet each of her guests, I stood back and waited for a few minutes. After greeting the last guest, she turned back to find me on one knee, ring cam in hand, recording my proposal. Needless to say, she was blown away! We spent the rest of this unforgettable night with our dearest friends and family celebrating the start of this wonderful journey together… and I spent the next few days afterwards resting and taking medication.