I liked using ring cam because it was a different perspective on our proposal. In this age of social media, countless proposal videos show a side view of the couple and these videos are difficult to hear. Ring Cam allows all of our friends and family to be up close and personal with us. It allows everyone to hear what we are saying and pick up every little thing that is said. In our case, my fiancee’s response was, “of course.” Ring cam allows anyone that sees the video to hear that when even the people that were there couldn’t hear that reaction. It is such an amazing and innovative perspective and it is something that we can cherish forever


How They Met

We actually had “known” of each other and “met” at Southern High School. Brittany can re-call having had AP Literature with John and thinking he was just “weird”, but we never really talked outside of regular class discussion topics (if necessary!). Brittany left to go to Frostburg State University, but unexpectedly came back after a year to try the community college, closer to home route instead. She was called on a random weekend in November to go and meet up with a former boyfriend of hers to hang out at one of his friends houses. Brittany did not want to make the trip from Brandywine to Deale, but reluctantly agreed. She was just planning on hanging out with her ex, who she was friends with at the time, but when she got there he was wasted and belligerently drunk, and she was annoyed. It turns out the friends house was Johnny. Johnny and Brittany started talking and texting each other at the party, and flirting…They could have never imagined that what started off as a reluctant drive to Deale and a little “fling” would blossom into a most amazing friendship, a love that would conquer through the biggest obstacles and that Brittany would turn John “dog-lover” Browning into the best kitty daddy of all time. First a daddy to Jewel, and then upon her passing adopting three beautiful kitties: Lilly, Jynx and Daisy. Brittany has thought about whether her decision to leave Frostburg early was a mistake, but how can it be, for if she didn’t, she never would have answered the greatest question that anyone ever asked her.

How He Asked

Every year we go skiing and tubing in Deep Creek, Maryland with our friends. The first year was, basically, a disaster for us. Brittany was sick and Johnny wasn’t exactly the most, attentive boyfriend. When we came back, things were tense, but then something changed. We were less boyfriend and girlfriend and more life partners. By the time we went the second year, Johnny knew that he wanted to marry this girl. He had an elaborate planned that revolved around buying a house and unpacking some boxes, but that was still a long way away. That second year at Deep Creek was so much better. Brittany tried tubing for the first time and a friend said the words that would change Johnny’s plans forever. The friend was newly married and said that he proposed because he, “couldn’t live without her.” The friend said, “If you can’t live without her, then you should ask tomorrow.” This left an impression on Johnny and his planned changed. Next came the third year at Deep Creek. Johnny had another elaborate plan that involved asking while taking pictures at the beautiful lake. Two days before we left, he looked at the weather and it was supposed to be 20 below zero at the lake. Not exactly the perfect proposal temperature, especially since Johnny knew that Brittany HATED the freezing weather, which was incidentally one of the reasons for leaving Frostburg. With that plan gone, he had to scramble and the board game plan came to fruition. He asked, she was shocked, and she said the “of course” that would change there lives forever. Who knows what year four holds in store for them?