How He Asked

After riding the gondola to the top of Keystone Mountain, we decided to enjoy the view with cocktails and a game of corn-hole. As time passed, I could see she was anxious and the “I’m ready to go” was upon us; she left to use the restroom before the journey down the mountain, I knew this was my time. There was a group of females that were not far from where we sat that happened to be in Keystone for a wedding; roughly 10 minutes earlier they asked me to take a group photo, so I figured they would be willing to return the favor. I asked if one or two of them would act like they just wanted to enjoy the view a little further down the mountain, as I would be asking Tiffany to join me down there for one last “enjoy the moment” upon her return to from the restroom. Within minutes, Tiffany returned and my plan began to unfold. I asked her to accompany me a little further down the mountain to where we could really enjoy the view of Keystone and Dillon Reservoir.

As we walked, I began to tell her how much I cherished and have enjoyed the time we have spent together thus far as well as the various reasons I love her. I had set the stage, it was now time for the big moment…I pulled out the Ring Cam from my pocket, and asked Tiffany to marry me! Thankfully she said yes.