How He Asked

Emily was on a sister date in Chicago. The plan was to go to Navy Pier, and surprise her at the Ferris wheel. Unfortunately, that did not exactly happen. On the way up, the car started to overheat so I had to pull off. I found a gas station nearby where I got coolant, and tried to wait. I was impatient, so I got back on the road while it was still overheated. I was almost to Navy Pier, and I was searching for directions when I rear ended the car in front of me. The car would not start, so I had to get it towed off the street down to a random lot. At this point, I was two hours past my intended arrival at the pier.

I walked from the lot to Navy Pier, and told her sister that the Ferris wheel was out. I asked if she would take Emily to the end of the pier. I was getting really nervous, plus a little shook up from what just happened. I sat down and collected myself before I went to find Emily. Once I found her and her sister, I walked up and surprised Emily, and propose to her at the end of the pier. She said absolutely, and I was able to get it all on the Ring Cam. After the proposal, I surprised her again with a picnic in the park with friends and family. Even though the day did not start off well, it ended great!

The Ring Cam was a great way to truly capture her reaction in the moment. Caleb