We’ve seen a ton of proposals, heres our five most important tips to capture your proposal with a Ring Cam and get a kick-ass video.

Practice Before you Propose

Image result for movie 43 mop While Ring Cam is easy to use, it is very important to practice ahead of time. You wouldn’t want to record the sky, right? Using whatever you have a available, whether it be: your mom, your dog, or a mop, you can never be too careful! We recommend to do both a video and audio check and if you have a speech planned record that as well!  

Make Sure You are Aiming Correctly

Image result for practice This next step is very important. It is essential that you remember that there is a camera at the top of the box. When you open the box, point the top of the diamond towards your mop-girlfriends face, this should give you the perfect angle to record from. If you plan on using more advanced maneuvers such as the selfie or the behind-the-back make sure you practice those ahead of time as well.

Start Recording Early

Image result for trying to make a joke without offending anyone Make it easy on yourself, hit the switch 5 to 10 minutes before you actually get down on one knee, that way you’re not fumbling with the switch when you pull the box out. This way you can catch any fun audio moments even if the camera is still in the pocket (trust us 40 years from now your grand kids are going to love this!) The camera records in 20 minute segments, don’t worry about the length, our video editors can always edit out the footage that’s not important.  

Use the Best Lighting Conditions

Image result for night vision Unfortunately there isn’t an infrared light sensor (night-vision) in the Ring Cam so ideal lighting is preferred. Like most cameras make sure the main light source is behind you and daytime videos will always turn out better than those captured at night. That being said we have seen some awesome sunset proposals, http://www.ringcam.com/percy-johnson-and-alexa-posey/, if you get a chance check it out beforehand

Record the Whole Experience

Image result for behind the scenes Here’s the deal, there’s there enough b-roll with the Ring Cam. Everyone does their own thing.  Record yourself asking her parents for permission, record your practice proposals,  at the end of the day , record anything associated with the day, she’ll appreciate your thoughtfulness.