A proposal is such a perfect moment. It is something that you have planned out (and even dreamed about) for so long! Now you have picked out the perfect ring and are all ready to pop the question. It is going to be a moment the two of you remember forever. The moment that you both agree that you are finally ready to commit to that special person. Then, you will have amazing engagement while planning the wedding you both have dreamed about.   From the proposal, all the way through your engagement and wedding planning, time flies by and you want to be able to look back and remember all those special moments. What way better to remember than with amazing photography. Many people may wonder what is the importance of capturing those special moments? photos that will be a symbol and memory of your engagement for years and years to come.   The Proposal   Many times a proposal happens when no one else is around, or when you least expect it. Sometimes, it has been planned out intricately. Either way, you will want to look back on that moment – and the only real way to do that is by capturing proposal photos of you popping the question.   Wouldn’t it be great to be able to show your children one day – or even your grandchildren – the face she had when you got down on one knee and pulled out that amazing engagement ring? Or even the tears running down her cheeks as you hug her excitedly after she said “yes!” Those are such special moments. So, how can you be sure to get those amazing proposal photos that you want?   That is exactly where The Ring Cam can help! It is a ring box that has a camera inside of it, so you can be sure to capture the moment on your own. Pretty cool, huh? Yeah, we think so too.   With the camera, you can start recording with the simple push of a button, then have awesome audio and high-definition video footage of your proposal. To top it off, Ring Cam will even edit your video footage so you have some amazing memories to have for years to come… and show off to all your family and friends.   Your engagement will also eventually make its way onto social media, but be sure to tell your close friends and family first! Here are some cute ways to make your announcement on social media.   The Engagement Photos   Having an engagement shoot done before you get married is so special. It is another way to connect as a couple and the perfect way to capture another stepping stone to your upcoming nuptials with photos that you will be able to look back on for years to come. Finding that perfect wedding photographer that you can work wonderfully with to have an amazing engagement session is key. Another great thing about having an engagement shoot is that it is a GREAT chance to get to know your wedding photographer better. Think of it as sort of a “practice session” for your wedding day photos. It is also great as it helps the photographer see what types of photos you like and the ease you have in front of the camera.  DC Photography Studios Photo from DC Photography Studios here.   Here a few tips for you to think about while planning your engagement photo session: Pick a location that is meaningful to you both. Do you both love being outdoors? Maybe you both enjoy camping, hiking, biking or boating. Do you have a favorite restaurant that you love? Or maybe you want to include the beautiful campus at the university you both attended and fell in love at. No matter what location you choose, make sure it is special for you.   Choose your outfits wisely. You want to make sure you choose colors and patterns that look great on camera. Try to avoid wearing white and solid colors work best but it is alright typically for one person to be wearing a pattern. Here are a few other ideas for what colors to wear for your engagement photos.  Leah Valentine Photography copy Photo By Leah Valentine Photography here.   Incorporate your hobbies, pets or other props. Is your dog special to you both and you can’t imagine having your photos without him? No problem! It is always fun to incorporate your pets, favorite hobbies or anything else you love into your photos.   Get creative. These are your photos, so be as creative and unique as you want to be. Do you want to do some unique poses or maybe you really want to dress up as your favorite movie characters and reenact your favorite scene in your photos? Do it! It will be a moment you remember forever and how fun will it be reminiscing on your engagement photo shoot with your children or grandchildren on day?!  La_Brisa_Photography Photo from La Brisa Photography here. If you are trying to find the perfect wedding photographer for your engagement photos and your upcoming nuptials, look no further than SnapKnot!  SnapKnot makes it easy for you by matching you with photographers who are in your location, budget range and more! From there, you can see a list of photographers and can then start narrowing them down from there. To start finding your perfect photographer, you can create a FREE account and you can be matched with photographers within a day!   With a proposal and engagement shoot, you are not bound to anything. The possibilities are truly endless and these are some great ways to capture those moments.   This Blog has been Written by Kari from Snapknot: Kari’s bio: Kari is the Community Development Specialist at SnapKnot, a leading wedding photography site that helps match couples with their perfect wedding photographer. Thinking about proposing soon? Check us out! 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