How He Asked

I brought Amanda to the “Top of the Hub,” a restaurant on the top floor of the Prudential Center, Boston’s highest building. We had talked about going to dinner there for years but never had the chance. I casually suggested we go there, knowing full and well what I was going to do, and she agreed, yet had no clue what was going on.

I had arranged my plans with the restaurant a few weeks before, and the staff was awesome in helping me. I had dropped the Ring Cam off earlier in the day and finalized how I wanted everything to go for the night.

When we arrived, we were seated just like anyone else, got our drinks, and then I slipped away to pass the ring to the waitress. She came back with the Ring Cam on a plate, already recording, and captured the whole moment so that you could see every ounce of shock on Amanda’s face. It was too perfect!

Loved the awesome wide angle. It made passing it off to the waitress so much easier because I knew she’d be able to capture everything! -Chris