How He Asked

After first meeting through two years ago, and a really awkwardly quiet first date, we got to know each other. Throughout that time, we went on all kinds of different adventures and experienced each others hobby’s and culture. When I knew I wanted to propose I planned for a trip to one of my favorite childhood vacation spots, West Palm Beach, FL.

I brought her to become part of a beautiful childhood memory I had to show her how much I trust and love her. We went to West Palm Beach, FL and stayed at a timeshare on the beach of Singer Island. On the day of the proposal before going to a popular outlet center, I told her I wanted to go take a look at the beach before going out for the rest of the night. When we were on the walkway going toward the beach I told her about how much I love her and how happy I am after being with her for two years, I then let her walk on and I stopped to take out the ring, and surprised her with the question.

It was awesome that we can look back and see the moment again anytime we want, and it is nice for our family to be able to view it like they were really there.