How He Asked

I told her I was taking her to a steakhouse for dinner because she had been asking for steak. I surprised her by taking to her to Oheka Castle where she had mentioned she wanted to go to for one of our past anniversaries. She was so overwhelmed that we were at Oheka for dinner; little did she know we were staying the night and I planned on proposing. I checked in secretly, while I left her in the bar lounge with a glass of wine. Now that we were checked in, we had greater hotel access that would have been restricted otherwise. I told Monica that the hotel staff said there was a balcony on the fourth floor overlooking the gardens, a white lie. Our room was on the forth floor, which had been covered in rose petals by the hotel staff.

I scanned into the room, and the tears began running down her face. “Why do you have a room key!” she said. I proclaimed to her, “We’re staying at Oheka castle!” I then clicked the record button of the Ring Cam in my pocket, got down on one knee, and asked “Will you marry me?”

The Ring Cam allowed us to relive the moment! -Christopher