Our Story

How We Met
We actually found each other on Match.com. “There was no shipping fee, so she ordered.” šŸ˜› She slayed me with her humor, and I charmed her with my personality.

How He Asked
I proposed the day after her birthday. For her birthday, I surprised her with a complete day of pampering: a couple’s massage, manicure and pedicure, bike riding, and an overnight stay at Walt Disney World. While we were enjoying dinner with a view of the fireworks on top of the Contemporary Resort, other couples were proposing. All of this was meant to throw her off. The next day, I drove her to our favorite swimming spot at Kelly Park Rock Springs. This was the place where we shared our first kiss. I coordinated with my best friend to have candid photos taken of the proposal. He arrived before we did, but he discovered that the park was at capacity and closed for additional guests. While picking up essentials at the grocery store, I discretely called the park and begged the office to let us in. Over the phone they agreed to allow us entry, but my best friend couldn’t enter the park to take photos. My girlfriend was none-the-wiser. We unpacked the car, set up the picnic blanket, and turned on some music. I played a special song she loved, and we danced before I got down on one knee. If I had not invested in a Ring Cam, I would never have been able to document this memory.

C’est fait! (It’s done!)