Our Story

How We Met
Clint and Madeline just KNEW we were meant to be ­čÖé

How He Asked
It was Skye and Cory’s 1 year anniversary of their first date. Skye and Cory’s first date was at Molly’s Pub, so Cory took Skye there to get 1 drink and then said he was going to cook her dinner at home (they had just gotten back from Vegas, so they wanted a relaxing night at home). When they got home, he took her into the living room, told her he wanted to dance, so they danced to “Close your Eyes” by Michael Buble. He then told her he had a surprise outside in the backyard for her, so he asked her to stay inside, listen to one more song (“How Long Will I Love You” Eli Goulding) and then meet him outside. She did just as he said, but when she went outside, all of their closest family and friends were there waiting, along with Cory, who was holding the ring cam box, getting ready to propose. They then celebrated all night with all of their guests.

Forever love story ­čÖé