How He Asked

Erin flew out to Colorado under the assumption it was just another weekend…but little did she know that her sister, the rest of her family,her three best friends, and I had been carefully planning this moment for weeks. After a month full of lies, teasing each other with straight faces right in front of Erin, and sneaking around, it was finally time to ask the woman I have dreamed of my whole life to marry me. How lucky am I? We rode the gondola up Mt. Vail, and at the top I blindfolded her.

As we walked down the trail (about a quarter mile in heels–impressive) and talked, we drew a giant crowd to witness our moment. We made our way to this scenic overlook of Mount of The Holy Cross with Colorado’s fall colors in full swing–yellows, reds, oranges, and greens draped over the landscape. We made our way down to where Karri, Kenzie, and Aimee were waiting; champagne was primed, photos were being taken, and little did she know I would get a video of the whole thing–it is still a secret meant for our wedding day.

After some confusion on my part, Kenzie and Aimee got me in the right place (watch it in the video–hilarious, I was so nervous; I never get nervous). I got down on one knee, and I did my best to tell Erin everything she means to me. She is the best friend a guy could ask for, a confidant, the sweetest girl in the whole world, an unbelievable encourager, a devout lover of the Lord, and my rock. Erin Gail–I love you more than all of the cookies in the world. That is a whole lot.