How He Asked

Julia thought we were going to meet another couple for dinner on a Monday night in Philly, thanks to a gift card from a patient. We parked near Jefferson, the school I was attending when we met. Traffic was light and we had extra time as our couple friend’s were “running late”. In the quad at Jefferson, there was an odd display going on that I pretended to be intrigued by, while really getting the camera and ring ready. As I turned, I knelt down and asked “Will you marry me?”

After her initial shock that our friends were not actually meeting us, we returned to the bar that we met at to share the drink that brought us together. Julia thought we had reservations for two at 8pm, but was surprised to find our families waiting at the restaurant. We shared an amazing celebratory dinner with our families, and spent the next day in Philly together, culminated by a romantic dinner at R2L provided by her sisters.