The Proposal David proposed on December 12th, 2013. Originally he was going to do it the 13th, but Rachel, being Rachel, figured it out. Instead, David came over to Rachel’s apartment while she was finishing her grad school finals After she was done they planned to go out for drinks after David gave her her birthday present. The present was a puzzle of a picture of the two. Rachel wanted to get out the door but David wanted to put it together before they left. When they finished assembling, there was a piece missing. David went to look in his suitcase for the missing piece and brought it back…with a ring box. The other cool part of the story is that this wasn’t just any old ring box. The box was a Ring Cam with a camera for taking a POV video of Rachel’s reaction.
How it all began Who knew Prometheus could be a romantic movie? Well for David and Rachel, it was the start of something amazing. Kind of sounds like the most anti-romance movie out there, but when you put a scared girl and chivalrous guy in front of a gory movie, sparks start to fly.What had started as a group outing, slowly became a date due to friends playing intense matchmaker. David was constantly surprised by Rachel’s wit and beauty. Rachel thought the same about David, but was slow to start something real because she would be leaving for a semester off-campus. Things got official when the two went to a friend’s house on Mackinac Island. They realized they really liked each other, and either needed to start dating, or stop spending so much time together. Then, sitting in Rachel’s hammock under a tree, they decided to give the relationship a try.
The Wedding David and Rachel Were married June 6, 2015 in Colorado. They had a lovely ceremony and grand celebration with friends! Check out their proposal video above.

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“The moment David Proposed was such a happy blur and being able to relive it was an amazing surprise.” David + Rachel