Our Story

How We Met
We met when she started working at our current jobs. At first sight we liked each other but couldn’t pursue each other because of current relationships. As time passed we talked more and more and realized we had a lot in common. Finally, we were able to go on our first date, without realizing it was a date, to Hooters. We stayed there for several hours, till 2 in the morning actually, and shared stories about our past. The bond was connected and the love was embedded.

How He Asked
We started our day in Disneyland on 7-18-16 at 10am. We were consumed with the sights that the place has to offer and we took pictures with a character before moving on down to the many shops. We visited many shops and I bought her very own Tiara (because a princess must always have her own tiara). Ivonne and I, with two other friends, walked down to Cinderalla’s castle, where I hopped to fall to my knee and ask her, until we saw the high traffic in the area. I had to choose somewhere else because this was just comfortable. And my eyes wandered to Snow White’s Well and I fell in love with it. I urged her and our friends to walk over to the wall saying , “there are less people and it looks so pretty”. The group readily agreed and when we arrived I gave the signal to our friends that this was the place and time. Me and ivonne gathered ourselves to take a picture together and that’s when I told her, I loved her dearly. And before I even realized it I fell to my one knee and asked her to marry me. In shock, Ivonne could not even gather her thoughts and just cried and shook her head yes and quickly removed her promise ring and was wanting to accept her new ring quickly.

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