How He Asked

Well, I took her out for a night hike. It was me, of course her, my brother and my best friend (the photographer) and his significant other. We were doing a night hike to catch a beautiful view and early morning sunrise. According to her “I really enjoyed sunrises” little did she know I was proposing.. Everyone was in on it and she had no idea. Anyways, the place was in The Ozark Mountains in Arkansas. It is this pretty well known cliff called Hawksbill Crag, it overhangs pretty high up. I almost actually called the whole thing off because we got to the Crag around 5am and when we got there, there were these lame people camped out right where I wanted to pop the question. Luckily we found a nice private spot around 25 yards down.

It was freezing about 40°f she was all bundled up. It was an amazing view, we were above the clouds so we were surrounded by them. The sun was just poking above the mountain tops and my buddy turned to me and said, “that sun is about to come up, if you’re gonna do it, this is your chance” so I took a drink of water, turned on the ring cam, got my Bluetooth speaker out. Played our song (All I Want is You) and said “There’s been something I’ve been needing to ask you..” I then proceeded to get down on one knee and express my love to her. As soon as she heard our song, I’m pretty sure she knew what was about to happen. After that we hugged kissed all that lovey dovey stuff and then we hiked back to the car and had an incredible weekend camping trip. It was perfect.