How He Asked

I proposed to Stephanie at a beach in Montauk, NY. Every year my family and I go to Montauk and Stephanie has come with us the last 4 years and it was on the fourth year that I proposed. Every year on the first day, we drive up together and spend the day together, just the two of us, and we have a bit of a routine. We drive in, get breakfast at the same place, go to walking around a a pier and do some shopping and then head to a semi-private beach that is usually completely empty. We called the beach “Serenity beach” because it is so peaceful, but have since renamed it to “Stephanie Beach” because we got engaged there.

It was unfortunately overcast most of the day we got engaged, but walking along the beach when I was about to pop the question the sun came out. She said yes and then I told her about the camera in the engagement box. She was super surprised but thought it was such a cool idea. Then we went back to the house my family was renting, and my family was waiting there, not knowing what just happened (except my parents, who knew). Her parents and brothers were also waiting at the house to celebrate. It was an amazing day!