How He Asked

I was going to plan something but plans don’t always work out so I just wanted to make it more personal and do it in the right moment. So we left early Friday morning to California for LA Pride. We had an amazing day on Friday enjoying each others company at Venice. Saturday we were meeting new friends at the festival. Sunday we went to Santa Monica and just fell more in love. Went back to the hotel, then got ready and went to West Hollywood back to pride fest. Had a wonderful time at the clubs with our friends. We left early just to be alone with each other and i took her to eat to one of our favorite spots in Hollywood. We have always talked about The Urban Lights in LA. So we got down around 3 in the morning. Walked around and took pictures got to talking and she told me “this is perfect.” Once i heard that i knew it was time and at the moment i was telling her exactly how i feel and got down on one knee and popped the question. And she said yes!!