Disney Honeymoon/ Vacation: Epcot Attractions

If you love to travel the world but don’t have the time or money to get to multiple places Epcot can take you there. With 11 different countries to chose from (sometimes more during food and wine) you can come get a taste of culture as well as sight into the future. This is truly a park to live out your dreams and explore in and as I have grown up it has become one of my favorites.
Rides: 11245191113_a660575ef0_c Photo By: Darrell Rudmann

Epcot Ball

– Remember when we wrote on cave walls? How bout when paper was invented? What about the first steps on the moon or the telegraph and telephone? Or how bout more recently when things like Skype and face time were invented? More importantly, what is next for us? Hop on this ride to see where we as a people started, what we have grown too and even some insights about what our future could hold. As you coast through this ball you will see cool animatronics that take you through out history and project you into the future to make your own invention. This is a slow moving interesting ride that people of all ages will enjoy.

Tip: This ride is usually pretty short so it is not one that I would suggest for a fast pass. If you go in the morning and the line is busy don’t be discouraged because its usually longer in the morning because it’s the first ride everyone sees and wants to go on in Epcot. Just circle back around later in the afternoon or evening and it should be shorter.
7117180963_9df8488f01_c Photo By: Joe Penniston

Test Track-

Ever wondered what it takes for a car to pass inspection? Or been interested in being a test dummy? This ride puts you through all the stops fast turns, mountain climb, speed, and maybe even a crash test…. The coolest thing is that this line was recently redone so you can see what cars of the future will look like. Better yet, you even have a chance to create your own car choosing things like energy efficient, speed, or power. Plus when the ride is over you can see whose car was the fastest and even play games where you race them! Tip: This line is one that I would suggest having a fast pass for because it is usually pretty long. Bonus: If you love the ride and want to ride it again multiple times a faster way to do so is using the single rider line. This means you can not ride with your friends or family but you can still wait in line together the whole time and usually can get through the ride with in a few minutes of each other.
1056370966_5d2fbd6da2_n Photo By: Cory Doctorow


’- This is my Grandma’s favorite ride and truly is a crowd pleaser for everyone. On this ride you will gently float through the sky and see many great sights in California. Fly through over rivers and orange groves and smell the pine trees as you go through the mountains. This ride will make you feel as if you are hang gliding all around the state! The best part is its safe for anyone to try.

Tip: This ride ALWAYS has a long line and it is honestly probably one of the most boring lines. ( fun fact: Disney’s lines are usually pretty fun filled with interesting things to look at, videos, games, and more). I would for sure get a fast pass for this.
5383903536_65b3264abb_n8209421447_c32a63b16d_n Photo By: Jason Pratt 

                                      Photo By: Jeremy Thompson

Sum of All Thrills

: This little beauty is a hidden gem in Epcot that most people don’t know about. Nestled in Epcot’s “Innovetions” building near the entrance to the park the Sum of All Thrills allows you to design your own roller coaster… and then RIDE IT! It doesn’t matter if you want it slow with little to no drops or as fast and as crazy as you can get (personally I like to go upside down and through loops as much as possible). Tip: This ride line is usually under 30 minutes because there isn’t much space for a line. It really just depends on when you get in the debriefing room (where they teach you how to design your coaster)

Shows: 5310042149_b1879ce78d_b Photo By: Harshlight


s- to me there is nothing more magical that the thought of the world coming together in peace, love, and joy. Illuminations is every night (Usually at 9PM) before the park closes and centered in the pond of Disney’s world showcase. Music plays as each country lights up and a giant globe appears in the center. Fireworks light up the sky and everyone gather around the “world” in awe. It truly is a beautiful show.

Tips: if you want a good view make sure you are by the lake in a place with no trees and that you get there a little earlier to claim your space. Also make sure you are not in a zone that is going to be marked off for a private event because there are certain places where you may be asked to move later ( usually between the two main shops where you aren’t in any country, behind the pub in England, or in Italy are places that get marked off).

Other: 1128609529_274fd57845_n





Photo’s By(from top left to bottom right):Benjamin Esham

, Joe Shalabotnik

Lucas Possiede

Paul Hudson

Loren Javier


World Showcase

– The world show case is truly amazing. This attraction lets you Tour 11 different countries (sometimes more). As you walk from place to place you can eat food, shop in their stores, and even meet people from the county. Each country has a land mark of the country; such as, the temple of heaven in Beijing, China, St. Mark’s Square in Venice, Italy, or the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France. You can eat hibachi and sushi in Japan, Fish and Chips in the UK, or Funnel cakes in America. And you can buy trolls in Norway, steins in Germany, or Sombrero’s in Mexico. There are also many fun things to explore in Morocco and Canada!

Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure: This is a fun little way to explore your way around the World Showcase. You and your group can become secret agents when you stop at any Agent P booth and receive your top secret spy phone. Through this phone you will be led on missions from country to country and be able to set off special things such as yodeling steins, hidden messages on stones, or even setting off a cuckoo clock in the center of Germany.
pork slider


International Food and Wine Festival- 

This event is so good it deserves a blog post of its own.  If you love food and or Wine this Festival gives you the opportunity to taste your way around the world! Try food such as Kalua Pork Sliders in Hawaii, seared Mahi Mahi in Singapore, or Spicy Tuna Roles in Japan. You can also try delicious deserts such as Ireland’s Warm Chocolate Lava Cake, France’s Crème brûlée caramel fleur de sel ( salt and carmel), or Italy’s Chocolate Covered Cannoli filled with sweet ricotta cheese. To top it off  you can even enjoy drinks such as Margaritas from Mexico, Beer Flights from Germany, or Scotch from Scotland. If all of these treats aren’t enough there are also cooking shows, bands, and more! This Fabulous Fiesta takes place usually from the end of September to the middle of November. This year, 2015, is the 20th anniversary and the dates are September 25- November 16.  You don’t wanna miss it!


Photos By: Fortherock

, and Zannaland


Flower and Garden Festival- 
Just like the food and wine festival there are also many summer treats from around the world to try. While enjoying your food you can also enjoy all of the wonderful flowers and gardens set up around Epcot as well as designer presentations, and tips and techniques! This event usually takes place the beginning of March to the middle of May. This year, 2015 the dates are March 4- May 17. For more information check out the Disney World Website

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