How They Met

This was not your average in-person acquaintance. Everett and Anna met through social media online one year before they both attended Liberty in 2013. Anna was on her senior trip to Charleston, SC. when her friends responded to a post made by Everett on Twitter. From there, the rest is history. Everett and Anna began talking every day and meeting in person for the first time during freshmen orientation was oddly easy. They both pursued a strong friendship for almost five years before dating. It has been a very interesting journey, to say the least. We have rarely been anywhere or gone through anything where the other was not by our side. We thank God for the amazing opportunity to pursue a marriage together. Five years ago, we would have never imagined we would be engaged. We look forward to centering our lives around Christ and beginning a commitment that will last ’til death do us part’.

How He Asked

(Everett’s Story)

I walked her to the end of the Basin Trail in the Ft. Fisher Recreation Area of Kure Beach, NC. At the end, on the overlook, I got down on one knee and proposed. She didn’t even notice the Ring Cam!

(Everett’s Story)

I came into town about 4 hours early that Friday and had already asked Everett to go on a walk (which he had already planned). We walked down to Fort Fisher along a woodsy pathway and everything seemed natural. We had normal conversation and I was excited to finally be on vacation. There was an overlook towards the end of the pathway looking over the water and Everett played it off as if he wasn’t sure how far ahead it was. We walked up to the overlook and talked about how magnificent and peaceful the view and area were. However, I kept feeling like he was pushing me to head back to the beach house to get ready for dinner. I quickly took a few photos to remember the area and before I knew it, Everett was down on one knee proposing to me. I was in complete shock and never knew about the ring cam until the very end of the proposal. In the video, I actually looked at the camera straight on several times to peek at the ring. After the ring was placed on my finger, I was astounded to realize that he had filmed the entire thing. Not a person in sight and I was more pleased to have this moment to ourselves and video footage to look at forever.