So, you’ve chosen the ring and you’ve got the perfect girl to give it to. The only thing holding you back from driving to the store right this second is not knowing her ring size.

Keeping the proposal a secret is a challenge, and trying to find her ring size without her finding out can be tricky. Surprisingly enough, there are many different tactics you can use to figure it out! Each tactic has its own level of difficulty. Some may be easy, but do not provide the most accurate results. Others require work, but it will pay off when you can surprise her with the perfect ring.

Let’s begin!

1. Borrow One of Her Existing Rings

Level of Difficulty: 3/5

        An easy way to figure out her ring size is to snag one of her old rings. You should be careful with this method though, because it may backfire on you. You have to find a ring that she wears on a similarly-sized finger, preferably her right ring finger. Once you have the ring, it’s best to bring it to a jewelry store to have it sized. If you don’t have enough time with the ring without her noticing, here’s a simple trick: place the ring on a piece of paper and trace it around the middle. This can help jewelers figure out her size. Fair warning with the tracing, as it may not produce the most accurate results.

2. Get the Help of Her Family and Friends

Level of Difficulty: 1/5

Getting the help of her friends and family can be an easy solution to the problem. Chances are she has talked with her family about engagement rings and sizes before and they will have a pretty good idea of what her size is. There is a bit of uncertainty with this method though, as the sizing might be a little off. By asking her loved ones you are ultimately taking a really good guess instead of getting her actual size.

It still may be worth it to contact a good friend or family member. Maybe they purchased a ring for her in the past and could reference that purchase. Friends and family can be a very reliable source of information, but you must make sure that they are trustworthy. It would be awful if your proposal surprise was leaked. If you know her friends and family well, they would be a great help to easily find out her ring size.

3. Sneak it into Conversation

Level of Difficulty: 4/5

        Don’t let the high level of difficulty scare you away from using this tactic, but this will take some skill. Can you smoothly ask her about her ring size without revealing anything?

        You can be creative when bringing it up in conversation. One idea is to say that you are buying a ring for my sister, mom, grandma, etc. and that you need her ring size for a reference point.

        Another idea is if you are at a wedding for a friend and you could mention something about how the ring caught your eye and that you are curious how the groom was able to figure out her size. Hopefully she reveals her personal ring size while you discuss possible theories. There are many ways to sneak it into conversation you just should get creative and make sure to keep it natural so it does not create any suspicion.  

4. Recruit Others to Ask

Level of Difficulty: 2/5

        This is another tactic where it is extremely important to trust who you recruit. Having others ask is easier than trying to sneak it into conversation because this will cause less suspicion on her end. The level of success for this tactic varies depending on what kind of questions your recruit asks. If they flat out ask her what her size is, then you will have very accurate results, but if you just know that her friends ring is small on her then you will have a variety of possible sizes.

5. Just Ask

Level of Difficulty: 0/5

                Yes, the whole point of this blog post is to figure out her ring size in a stealthy way, but sometimes you might just want to ask her. Modern day couples typically have many conversations about engagement prior to the actual proposal. Next time you guys talk about marriage, it might make sense to just ask her. Asking her doesn’t mean the whole proposal cannot be a surprise, but this way you know her size and you can make sure to get the style she likes.

This post was written by Bailey Berberich, Ring Cam Blogger