We’re not saying she’s going to say no, in fact if she’s as incredible as you think she is, most of these things won’t give you too many problems (most). Here’s some tips of what to stay away from:

Not Being Thoughtful

Timing is everything, and I didn’t want to make a total separate section, but here are a few no-no’s.

• Not on Her Birthday
• Not right before her medical school board exam ( although I’ve heard mixed reviews)
• Not on a holiday that takes away from the big day
• If she doesn’t like being in front of a lot of people don’t propose in a stadium

Jumping the Gun

Alright, I get it. You both love the same sports teams ( in fact she’s watched the Lions lose more than you have! ) She’s okay with you being a slob, and you both love McDonald’s iced coffees. We’re not here to judge, but just make sure you’re past the ultimate high. As a disclaimer, I no one on staff here is a true relationship counselor. You may have the coolest and most thoughtful proposal planned, but at the end of the day, it doesn’t hurt to wait.

Don’t Leave the Family Out of it

A recent survey showed that over 50% of Americans still believe asking a bride-to be’s parent for permission is the honorable and right thing to do. A lot of these people have spent more than half of their lives living with her, and would love to be involved and planning the proposal. In most cases, you’re winning points with your-in laws sooner than you ever would have thought! Of Course if that opens another can of worms (link to other blog)-we got you covered.

Blab About the Plan

If too many people know about the proposal plans, it’s more than possible she’ll catch wind of them. And all of sudden you’re surprise isn’t as awesome. Maybe that’s not important to you, and that’s totally fine. That being said, I doubt that anybody would deny these girls’ excitement: Another thought along the same lines: If you’re dating a girl that LOVES ( notice the caps) to surprise her friends. She might not be too happy that a lot of your friends knew about the engagement before she did.

Hide n’ Seek Gone Wrong

You’ve all heard the story, hiding it in the picnic basket at the beach, in her favorite book at the library, or…. even in her favorite food! Not only are these ideas dangerous ( for her health, check out the picture), there’s just other ways to be thoughtful that’d we recommend. Rings come in a ring box for a reason. At the very least hide it in a Ring Cam! Don’t take advice if you don’t want, just don’t be they guy with the X-Ray as one of your best memories for your engagement.

Acting too Suspicious

Some people just aren’t good at this. We totally understand. Just don’t make a fool out of yourself. Coming up with really off the wall answers about where you were last night is going to look real bad. At the end of the day, don’t lose sight of your proposal and why you’re doing it. The thoughtfulness you put into this will make it day she’ll remember and want to relive.