How He Asked

Ali was at a wedding in Dallas and was flying back to LA on Sunday afternoon. I arranged everything with her roommate to get into their apartment and set up everything. I flew in Sunday morning at 10:30. Her roommate gave her key (since she was also going out of town) to the missionaries who live upstairs an I got the key from them at church. After I got the key, I set up Ali’s apartment with balloons and pictures of us together and put her favorite candy everywhere. I waited on the couch for her to walk in – she was completely surprised. I had spent the last 3 weeks going and filming myself at meaningful places in our relationship and gathering clips from her friends and family and put them all together – everybody saying why they love Ali so much. The video was waiting on my tablet and wrapped like a present. After watching the almost 30 minute long (she’s really popular) video, I told her I had something else to give her and asked the question.