Gord Nicodemus and Shannon Rivera’s Proposal

How We Met

We met at work. I asked her out for several weeks. Kept getting turned down. I finally talked her into going on a “not date” date in November 2013. We’ve been together since.
The idea of Ring Cam is great! Gord

How He Asked

We came to Miami, Florida for a vacation and a cruise. Neither one of us had ever been to Miami or on a Cruise. On the last full day of our trip, I told her that there was a cool pier that had just been opened that I wanted to go see before we went to Prime 112 for dinner. So we went to the end of the South Pointe Pier before our reservation. I hired an ariel banner to circle the pier for half. I also hired a photographer to meet us at the pier to take our pictures. He was very discrete and acted as if he was taking photos for tips. He lead us around the pier, taking various different photos. I told him I wanted a photo at the end of the Pier, so we started taking photos at the end. The photographer, cleverly said, “What’s that?” and pointed at the aerial banner. When she turned around to look at the plane, I got down on my knee and proposed to her. She said “Are you serious!? YES!”.


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