As the World’s first proposal planning company, we get asked this question all the time. The Yes Girls have planned over 3,000 marriage proposals to date and 99% of the clients have selected to have the great moment documented; that can mean a professional photographer, a videography team, a friend snapping shots from a distance, or the sneaky Ring Cam. Your marriage proposal is one of the top 5 moments of your life, and it’s worth capturing! That is even more true if you have taken the time and effort to make your proposal thoughtful. When you’re planning your proposal, make sure to tap into the unique traits that make your relationship “the one”. For example, if your favorite Friday Night activity is riding bikes around the beach together, then decorate a beautiful vintage bike with her favorite flowers! This charming décor piece can serve as the backdrop for your “down on one knee picture” as well as a cute prop for some pictures after she says yes! For the proposal example below, the bride-to-be’s father had passed away just about a year before the couple met. So the groom-to-be wrote a sweet letter to her father asking his permission to marry his daughter.

The one thing that every girl has in common is the desire to feel loved and cherished, and the proposal is your moment to truly do that! Make sure you document the planning process and then have the moment captured so she can share the memory with her friends and family. The accolades and praises will be coming your way for years to come!! Cheers to love!

The Ring Cam Team would like to extend their gratitude to Elie Cantrell and The Yes Girls for their collaboration on this blog post. It’s always a pleasure to work with The Yes Girls! Stay tuned for more collaborative blog posts!