proof that I know what I'm talking about with weddings... I've been to one!

proof that I know what I’m talking about with weddings… I’ve been to one
My name is Doyle Lewis and I am one of the many awesome guys here at Ring Cam. Maybe not the best or most handsome man here at Ring Cam, Russell Fyfe (or just Fyfe) has a beard that just won’t quit, but hey I’m the one who is taking the time to talk with you right now. So I got that going for me. I am writing this blog to help you guys get married in a stylish, cool, and altogether classy way. My goal is to get you dudes some style points for having a clue about what you’re talking about when you are helping plan your wedding and while you’re planning your engagement. I’ll be honest I, like just about every guy on this planet, don’t know much about all the things that go into getting married, but I know a thing or two about media, so let me impart what I know so that you can be a hero!

So the topic I wanted to talk about in my first post is reception videos. Lots of weddings have them and it is something that I feel that families and friends can really enjoy together. For all the ones that people love and truly enjoy, there are hundreds that people wish would just be over so that they can get back to dancing and drinking. Although a bad video may be a great way to get people to the dance floor, I’m sure it is not the method you would prefer to go with. I will give you a few simple tips on how to make your reception video Awestastic!

Now I know, ain’t no one got time to read, and to be honest I ain’t got time to write. To be super honest… I’m watching Breaking Bad while I’m writing this now, so lets face it my attention won’t last super long either. Lets get to it!



An example of a photo in a reception video that shows character and emotion
An example of a photo in a reception video that shows character and emotion

Have one! Thats the long and short of it. While you are picking pictures, be thinking of the story you want to tell. Is it about how the two of you met? Is it about how you both grew to love a similar thing? Is it about how in the future you will tell you kids all about how you lived in New York looking for the one, and you couldn’t find her mostly because you and your friends spent every night at the same irish bar, until one day you meet her with her yellow umbrella because she was in the band at your best friends wedding? Because that would be Legendary and people would watch it for probably like 9 seasons. The point is to pick your pictures thoughtfully, no one know your story better than the two of you, so put some thought into how you tell it.



Now I know it is tempting to blast some Nickelback behind your slideshow but it won’t tell your story as well as some other music might. This is not to say that Nickelback in particular is bad, don’t put words in my mouth. You keep your own opinions.

What I am trying to convey is that you should choose music without words. I know that when you are choosing music, the ones with words immediately stand out, but this is exactly why you do not want this music. You want the story of you and your loved one to be told, and seen through the pictures. Good music that plays in the background can strengthen emotions, but the true advantage to wordless song is that it is invisible. It does not pull away from the story it only adds. Find a song that speaks to you, but only in a nonliteral sense. One of my favorite places to find good music is at They sell royalty free music that is created by very talented users. The price could be anywhere from $5 to $70, but whichever it is I can promise you it will be cheaper than most anything else you are buying in your wedding.



Getting back to my earlier point of not driving you guests to drink at your wedding, don’t make it super long. If you are not sure when a slideshow would be approaching long, 3 mins is considered very dangerously close to long. A good video should be around 1 to 2 minutes long. Anything longer and you are trying the patience of your audience. My advice is get your photo count down. If you ever find yourself buried in digital photos or maybe even Polaroids, if you somehow still manage to have photographs in analog form, then group them. Group similar photos together and then weed them out. Make sure that the few that are left in each group are the ones that tell your story best.



Russell Fyfe as smurf and as Russell from Up showing you how not to do a 3d box transition
Russell Fyfe as smurf and as Russell from Up showing you how not to do a 3d box transition

Last point I promise. Stay classy. Don’t put dumb checker dissolves or 3D box rotations. The types of transitions you will see most often are hard cuts or dissolves. You can use other transitions if you want, but don’t say you weren’t warned, because you were… thoroughly. If you have a super good reason that helps portray your story then go ahead and use a special transition, but don’t overdo it. Too much flashy transitions can take the audience out of your story and make them think instead, “what was he thinking?” or for those of us who edit, “Well they found the transitions bin!” Lastly, movement with pans and zooms are classy! just keep them tame and organized. No one wants to see a photo of you as a kid bouncing up and down on the screen like someone gave you Mountain Dew. Have the photos move with the music and set the tone for the pace of your slideshow.


Those are all the tips I got for now, but If you have questions about what I wrote or would like to have a question of your own handled then shoot us an email at We would love to hear from you! I plan on posting more and posting regularly so check up on us every once and a while. Till next time!

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