venue Locking down your venue is when the clock starts ticking and things become real. Be sure you have asked all the right questions so that months down the road you’re not doing things like renting a dance floor or learning about about a sound restriction a month before the wedding. This guide will help make decisions in making sure this fits your style and asking the right questions to weigh your choices well.

How often does your venue do weddings?

  Venues typically have a certain level of “experience” running weddings and the more weddings that have taken place there the better. Any unconventional venues like an art gallery or a nice looking warehouse may not know how to handle the demands that a wedding entails (and may cost you more in renting tables, chairs, and more).

Lighting and echo check and echo check.

  Make sure to visit your venue during the time of day that you plan on having your festivities. Some venues look great at night but during the time of the festivities you may be surprised by the things that seem to show themselves in the light. If you are having a DJ or live music, be sure check out the acoustics of the room. Sometimes the band can get disoriented by the echo, or guests may not be able to hear one another talking.

Make sure it fits your style… and guests!

  How’s the view and color? Does the architecture seem more rustic or contemporary? Sometimes these venues look really big without tables, guests and a dance floor. Consider allowing 25-30 square feet per guest you have attending (this should not be strictly followed). All in all, just be sure that your are happy with the style and that your guests can fit in just fine!

Here are the questions you really really should ask. Don’t leave anything to chance!

  Is the site available on your date?   Do you have any other events planned that date? How many hours will the site be available to us? What are the overtime fees? How do you charge for the venue? By person, by hour, or a flat fee? Can you accommodate X guests comfortably? Do you have a liquor licence? Can we bring in our own alcohol? What are the restrictions on sound, decor, or dress code? How much parking is available? Will there be a manager overseeing the reception? What services do you have? On-site coordinator? All-inclusive(site and food)? What supplies/rentals are included? Chairs and tables? Linens? Cake table? Do you have any sample floor plans or layouts? How many bathrooms? What is the lighting set-up?