Why is My Ring Cam Acting up When Connected to a Computer?

Certain USB ports cause the Ring Cam to not work properly, plug the Ring Cam into another USB port on your computer and see if it fixes the problem. For the tech savvy, a USB 2.0 is guaranteed to work, newer USB 3.0’s have issues. Mac computers can also cause issues with the the Ring Cam. We recommend working with Windows devices, and are in the process of being Mac...

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How Does Shipping Work?

We’ll have it to you by the day you specify. Ring Cams come in an unmarked envelope for secrecy. We provide you tracking information in a shipping confirmation email and you can always reach out with questions (see Contact Us). A return envelope is provided, along with a check-list & pre-paid postage. Hassle free, start to...

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How do I Know if my Ring Cam is Charging?

A lot of problems can be solved by simply charging the Ring Cam fully. To ensure that the Ring Cam is charging, press the button on the top until the light turns to a solid green. When the green light turns off it is fully charged! It does not take long to charge the Ring Cam before it is ready to use for your...

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Can I Order Ahead of Time?

Yes! Let us know when you are planning to propose to that lucky someone. During the checkout process you’ll be asked to specify the date of your engagement, which could be months from now. Ring Cam will mail a discreet package to the address of your choosing (even a resort destination) to arrive at least a week prior to your special date that includes the Ring Cam. The Ring Cam starts recording with the simple push of a button, so while it’s super easy we also know you’ll want a bit of time to practice before the big moment! Order it now and we’ll take care of the...

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