We have really appreciated all of you passing on the word about us to friends and family. It has truly made a difference, and we feel so encouraged.

You have reached out to us to let us know how else you can help, and we have decided we really want to give back to you. We want to supply you with material to help you be the best Wingman to those around you as well as send you a little something to thank you for supporting us.

For each person you “recruit” or give your personalized coupon code, we will send you a gift. You can view these gift options below.

And if “recruiting” is not your thing and you just want to continue to support us, you can check out our merchandise page here. Every purchase helps us be able to better care for our team.

If you are not already a Wingman, you can become one by either by using a Ring Cam or signing up here. Mom, dad, grandpa or grandma. We’ll take you as long as you first complete our NEW Recruit Quiz.