How He Asked

We met as students at NC State. We had a class together but never really talked. Jake played football, and I helped recruit for football. One day after a game, I was showing a recruit around as the team came in from the field. Jake stopped, gave me a high five, and said, “Girl from Com Class! What’s up!” After that, we sat together in class the next day and were friends ever since.

We drove up to VA for the weekend to bike the Virginia Creeper Trail. We had biked all day and had turned around to head home. There were gorgeous bridges over meadows and rivers, so Jake suggested we stop and take a picture. We pulled over on one of these beautiful bridges, and Jake took the Ring Cam (and ring obviously!) out of his bag and got down on one knee. It was such a special moment to have captured!
We loved how we could have a private engagement but still get the moment captured on video without having someone else present to film it! -Jacob