How He Asked

Well, the proposal took place in Biloxi, MS. I’m in the Air Force Reserves, so every month I have to spend a weekend there, and I noticed that Biloxi is a beautiful place with many things to do. I ended up picking Mary Mahoney’s, a New Orleans style restaurant, as the place to propose because my fiance and I have had many visits to New Orleans that gave us special memories to look back on. Anyway, they have a beautiful courtyard that has a fountain and a stone wall next to it. I had the staff members hang a banner saying, “Yuomoka, Will You Marry Me?,” prior to our arrival.

After ordering our drinks, I made up a reasons for us to go out to the courtyard, and while walking up on the fountain, she saw the banner, and that’s when I began to get down on one knee. I had the Ring Cam in my pocket until then. Unfortunately, the staff said there would be adequate lighting but that was wrong. So, you can barely see the proposal in the video but you can hear it for sure.